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Over the past few years we have expanded over 2,000 Amazon Sellers into the EU!

We've Created The Complete Framework To EU Success Where We Share With You What The TOP 1% of Successful Amazon Sellers Are Doing Differently That The Other 99% Are Not!

Double Your Amazon Sales
By Expanding to the EU

Use the Tested framework to EU Ecommerce Success

  • Proven: 2000 Sellers Successfully Expanded
  • Easy: Step by Step to make sure its a success
  • Compliance: Solved
  • ​VAT - Solved
  • Shipping - Solved
  • Launch - Solved
The EU Expansion Training Programme!
The most in-depth course for successfully expanding your amazon business into the EU.
Enroll today FOR JUST $47 and you will be in with the chance of winning a FREE 14 DAY CRUISE!

What's Included:

DAY 1 - How To Choose The Right Product to Sell in The EU.

Your top selling products in other Marketplaces will not necessarily be the top selling product in the EU, we'll show you how to pick the right products to expand with.

DAY 2 - Market Research

Learn how to be certain that your product will sell before you spend your money!

Understanding your competitors and the needs of your customers is vital to successfully expanding to the EU.

DAY 3 - Product Compliance

EU compliance laws are different to those in other countries! 

Find out what you need to do to ensure your products and labels are compliant before it's too late.

DAY 4 - Amazon Category Approval

How to get started even with no prior experience! 

You'll get access to our exclusive account set up tutorials and get our top tips and tricks to speed up the process.

DAY 5 - How to Find the Best Keywords and Images That Will Convert in the EU.

Your listings can make or break your sales conversion! 

We'll show you how to tailor your images, keywords and the titles, descriptions and key bullet points of your listings to skyrocket your sales here in the EU!

DAY 6 - How to get paid! £ $ €

Get paid, manage your money, pay your vendors, and expand your business – all in one easy-to-use platform. 

Traditional payment methods can be costly. We'll show you which all in one easy-to-use platform allows you to receive and spend foreign earnings without needing to convert to GBP. 

DAY 7 - Trade Mark

A step-by-step guide on how to get started with Brand Registry !
Gain complete control of your product listings and protect your brand as you scale quickly.

DAY 8 - EU Listing Creation Tips 

Double your click-through rate and sales with our top tips and tricks to creating the most effective EU Amazon listing!

DAY 9 - Shipping 

Get your goods delivered in 2 business days!

Find out the best shipping options for you and your business and get access to our FBA Shipping Plan checklist!

DAY 10 - European Fulfilment Network 

 Knowledge is power.
We'll teach you how, once your products arrive in the UK at either an Amazon storage and fulfilment centre or another 3PL (third party logistics) facility such as our own, your products will be sent to buyers all over the EU.

DAY 11 - Translations

Did you know? Only one-third of the world speaks English, and all customers expect you to address them in their native language. We'll teach you how to do this for FREE!

DAY 12 - Reviews

72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews.
We'll tell you how you can get reviews, fast!

DAY 13 - Checklist

Do you want to rank #1 on search results?
 Ensure you don't miss a step with our finalise listing checklist!

DAY 14 - Next Steps

We're going to show you what you can do to continue to expand your business successfully in the EU.

Expand to the EU in as little as 14 days

UK VAT Registration 

1st Quarter VAT Filing 

Daily Guidance (Videos, Podcasts, Templates)

Market Research Feasibility Study Template

Label Compliance Guidance

BONUS #1 Amazon Image Guidelines

BONUS #2 Amazon Best Sellers Template

BONUS #3 Marketing Tool Templates

*£200 voucher towards our 3PL services*

Total Value


(£150 Value)

(£200 Value)

(£497 Value)

(£125 Value)

(£47 Value)

(£47 Value)

(£47 Value)

(£47 Value)

(£200 Value)


...this is all yours for just $47!

Terms and conditions apply. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


"Global E-commerce Experts have helped me successfully expand my E-commerce business to the EU quickly and efficiently. Very happy with the service I have received! Highly recommend. "

"Knowledgeable staff, answered all of the questions I had regarding VAT filing. I have now expanded my business with their support and use their VAT and warehouse services. 5* company!"

"I highly recommend the GEE team! They have helped me grow my business from strength to strength and always have an answer for any questions I throw at them. Thank you for all your help!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have set up prior to starting?
Before you start your expansion challenge you will need to have your EU Amazon Account set up and your VAT number. 

How does it work?
Once you have purchased your challenge you will be able to log into the membership area.
Day by day the lessons will unlock until you reach the end of the 14 days where you will have successfully expanded to the EU!

What is included in the challenge?
You will get all of the following:
Expand to the EU in as little as 14 days
FREE UK VAT Registration
1st Quarter VAT Filing
Daily Guidance (Videos, Podcasts, Templates)
Market Research Feasibility Study Template
Label Compliance Guidance
BONUS #1 Amazon Image Guidelines
BONUS #2 Amazon Best Sellers Template
BONUS #3 Marketing Tool Templates
How long does the challenge take to complete?
The challenge takes 14 days from the day your VAT registration is complete, but may take longer if this is what you prefer. 
How do I know if this challenge is for me?
If you are successfully selling on Amazon in other marketplaces and want to expand to the EU quickly to grow your business and sales then this is the challenge for you!
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This challenge does not guarantee earnings or results and things such as compliance can take longer than 14 days.