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We are passionate about helping people to succeed, it has been part of my mission to help, inspire and support people achieve their goals for the past decade and this has helped form part of the company ethos.
Andy Hooper, CEO, GEE
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Global E-Commerce Experts
Global E-commerce Experts Ltd. was founded on the principal of providing the best possible business development opportunities for businesses wanting to explore new markets for their products.
The founders of the company discovered it was nearly impossible to find a single solution to enable product-based businesses to expand into foreign markets. Armed with varying backgrounds in finance, branding, marketing, e-commerce, and logistics services, Global E-commerce Experts was formed.
Today the company provides a single solution for those businesses looking to expand into new markets and even boasts its very own fulfilment and warehouse facility, giving its clients an end-to-end solution 24/7.
Our Skills & Expertise
The team at Global E-Commerce Experts is comprised of a diverse group of specialists with experience in various elements of business development and expansion. Our team is made up of first tier financial management consultants, tax advisers, bookkeeping specialists as well as branding product specialists with expertise in advertising, marketing, public relations and social media.
We have e-commerce web developers on hand as well as e-commerce agents to manage our clients’ Amazon, e-Bay, Google and Shopify accounts to ensure maximum sales. We even have our team of linguistic specialists that ensure all websites, and products are translated correctly for the appropriate markets.
Our custom clearance, logistics, fulfilment and warehousing teams are always working to help our clients move their products world-wide and ensure that the various markets never sell out of their products.
VAT Registration & Compliance
We register and file VAT for the UK, Germany, Francy, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic.
Marketing Services
We get your products noticed and visible so more buyers purchase them!
A full 3PL service for storage, FBA prep and Fulfilment.
Social Media Management
Get your social media to sell your products for you!
E-Commerce Management
Managing the day to day management of your stores 
3PL Services
We have a wide range of services to get your products to your customer. 
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